Tales from the House of Sissification:

 ‘I can’t believe this is really happening’, he thought to himself as he exited the car, walked up the sidewalk and stopped just short of the front porch.  He hands were sweaty and he was incredibly nervous, despite having fantasizing obsessively about this moment for as long as he could remember.

Her instructions about it had been perfectly clear; he was to take off all of his clothes before he rang the bell. He looked up and down the street; no lights were on in any of the other houses; the only light on the otherwise dark street was the one he would have to stand in front of naked, while he waited for her to answer the door.

 It wasn’t too late to turn back; he could call the whole thing off, get back in his car and drive away, but he knew he couldn’t forgive himself if he did and that going back now was not an option. He took a deep breath, climbed the steps and stood in front of the doorway. His ears were ringing, his heart was pounding and he could feel the blood rushing to his face. He closed his eyes and unbuttoned his shirt. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down the zipper and slipped out of his shoes. It was his last chance to leave unnoticed, but he knew he couldn’t take it.

 He pulled off his shirt, let it drop to the ground, pulled off his pants, socks and underwear quickly and folded them into a neat pile as he’d been told. He put them next to his shoes, stood up at attention and rang the bell.

 Time seemed to stand still as he stood naked on the front porch; thoughts raced through his head about neighbors seeing him there, or even about the possibility of him being at the wrong house whether as a cruel prank or because of his own mistake. He heard footsteps coming from inside the house and wasn’t sure if he should grab his things and run back to the car or wait for the person inside to answer the door. He heard a lock turn, a chain slide and the door slowly opened. The light from behind her was bright and he felt even more exposed as it shined on his naked body. He squinted as she smiled at him and beckoned him inside.

“STOP” she commanded as he crossed the threshold and she shut the door behind him. She turned the lock and he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end as he waited for what came next.



Sissification Guide:

Lately it has come to our attention that many of you are in dire need of sissy training. Your sisification is something we take very seriously and have put careful thought and consideration into a few things to get you started. We've even put direct links to a few things to get you started.

First and foremost you need a pair of panties. Something that's light, sheer and unlike anything a man would wear. Don't choose a "passable" pair; make a commitment to a very feminine pair!! The shopping experience in and of itself will be a treat for you. Go into one of the big lingerie stores and tell them that what you are looking for; if you are a brave little sissy slut, you can play the game where you don't confirm or deny who they are for, but don't lie either. This game will make your sissy heart thump in your chest! If you are a REALLY proud sissy, you'll tell them it's for you, but I don't think that most of you have the balls for that!

Most of you won't have the balls to shop in person, so I'm going to tell you where to buy online; these panties are queen sized, which is what you'll probably need to squeeze yourself into and tuck yourself properly. They aren't expensive and they are a good starter pair. Ready to take it a step further? Try this chemise set; panties are something you can learn to ignore, but there is no doubting you are a sissy when you are wearing a chemise! Stockings are the next step.

Some sissy's prefer the feel of pantyhose, which are readily available at most stores. Again, you probably don't have the poker face to buy them in person, so here's a link to some pretty fishnet pantyhose. Personally I feel that sissy's look their best in stockings, like these thigh highs with bows or these sexy cuban heeled ones.

 These are the very basic things that you need in order to begin your sissification training. We'll be updating this guide with more advanced steps including chastity and gender-bending recommendations. We'll be scouring the internet for more good places to find sissification tools to keep your training moving forward. 

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