Madeline is Wicked features a history of the early works of a domme and her slaves. Witness the humiliation and utter domination of her men by superior, dominant women!

Chasitity & Cuckolding videos: Watch long term chastity unfold as slaves locked in chastity perform tasks in hopes of freedom and (if they dare hope) reward. The tasks are many, the penalty of failure is great and everything is on the line when they hand over the keys to their commanding mistress!

Humilition: Dressed up, spit on, walked all over and laughed at, these slaves will be broken and reduced to tears! Sissification, small penis humiliation and tasks meant to degrade are used to remind these slaves that they are nothing but a plaything at the feet of their mistress!

 Orgasm Control: Orgasms are the one thing that men expect to be alllowed to be able to control, but when pu through rigorous tease & denial or being brought to the edge of orgasm only to have it ruined witll prove otherwise!

Cock & Ball torment: Locked up, tied up, stepped on, slapped, smacked around and tortuered, the balls of a slave are just another source of amusement!

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Maitresse Madeline's stable of slaves are willing to do ANYTHING to please their mistress. They let her use them as furniture, torment them mind, body and soul, and humiliate them for her amusement!

Join today to witness her displays of superiority over the men that grovel at her feet!

Over 100 clips available to members, plus pictures, links, behind the scene's extra's and the site blog!


Welcome to Madeline is Wicked, all you pin dicks, losers, freaks and other sorts of miscreants. You've managed to free at least one hand up long enough to use it to join, so I'll take for granted that you dream of being beneath the foot of a dominant woman. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for watching what Madeline does to her slaves, all the wickedly delightful ways she has of delivering both pain and pleasure......

Chastity    Cuckolding     Tease&Denial    Foot Worship     Ruined Orgasms    Sissification    Total Female Domination

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